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Lost Lottery Ticket Stories

Yikes! Can you think of anything worse than losing a winning lottery ticket? What would you do if you won? Would you keep it in a lockbox? Would you keep it in a book until you had the chance to take it for redemption?

No matter your method, check out these stories so you will know what NOT to do if you hit the jackpot!


Story 1: Mike Weirsky

Mike Weirsky was down on his luck. This gentleman had been unemployed for 15 years, during which time he was spending $20 a week on quick pick tickets.

His luck changed when he discovered he was the winner of New Jersey’s $273 million jackpot, which he found out about by using an app on his phone.

Just as he the news was sinking in, he realized that he couldn’t find his ticket. Thankfully, a kind soul had turned in the ticket to the store from which he bought it, and he was able to claim the winnings.

However, it is important to note that Mr Weirsky got very lucky in this situation. Some people, upon finding a lost lotto ticket, would not be quite as generous and in similar cases, people have tried to claim the winnings as their own.


Story 2: Kathryn Jones

The year was 2014, and the weather was cold in Hamilton, Ontario. Kathryn Jones wasn’t feeling it though, as she had just picked up a cool $50 million. But there was a catch: The winnings had gone unclaimed for an entire year.

It was also the largest jackpot in all of Canada's history. In this situation, Kathryn got lucky as the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp were able to locate her and award her with her prize. She had purchased the ticket in 2012 at a drugstore in Cambridge, Ontario, and never claimed her prize.

She certainly was fortunate, but no fewer than 435 other people claimed to have won the prize before it was finally paid out to her. She had to even go through a Lost Ticket Prize Claim procedure to verify that she really was the winner.

Can you imagine if none of this had worked? Thankfully, Kathryn paid with a credit card, so that made it easier to verify that she had, indeed, purchased the ticket on that fateful day in 2012.


Story 3: The Manchester Lotto Winner

In early 2019, a Manchester resident bought a ticket that would have netted them £1,000,000.

All five balls and bonus ball matched perfectly. Under the rules of Camelot, however, players have just six months to come forward and claim their prize. However, no news emerged of anybody coming forward to lay claim to this bonanza.

After the ticket expires, the funds are put into good causes like charity work and organizations across the United Kingdom.

Andy Carter, the senior winners’ advisor for The National Lottery, urged the winner to come forward.

Carter encouraged everybody to check their tickets a final time or look around to see where an old lotto ticket might be tucked away.



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