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A survey by online lottery website Lottoland has found that a whopping 20% of players would actively break up with their long-term partner, should they bank a major prize on a lotto draw.

Lottoland asked 1,734 players who logged into their Irish website a number of questions relating to their relationship, and whether a large financial windfall would make them think twice about who they decided to share their life with.

Of the 1 in 5 who admitted they would leave their partner, 25% of them said they would use their new-found wealth to find an "upgrade" on their previous partner.

How they would define an upgrade was not specified, however, 68% of those who stated they would leave if they won a jackpot also said they were already looking at ways to extricate themselves from their current relationship.

The main reason for staying together, despite their unhappiness, was financial reasons


U.S. Lottery Winners 4x More Likely to Divorce

Nigel Birrell, CEO of Lottoland stated, "The fact that money is the only thing stopping some people from having a happy relationship is quite sad. To see that such a large percentage of those in Ireland would see it as a chance to end their relationship is extremely saddening."

He Went on to say, "No-one should feel inclined to stay in an unhappy union or feel like they can't add to their family because of financial worries. Matters of the heart can't be resolved with money."

Reports in America suggest that lottery winners are 4x more likely to divorce than the national average, however, Philippa Perry of the Guardian refutes this, saying that while divorces may be higher, it's not because of the newfound wealth they have. The old issues remain between the couple, the money just gives them the freedom to go out and find a more suitable match.

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