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Lucky Irish Lotto Winners on Friday the 13th

Who said that Friday 13th was a day of bad luck? A lucky Co Limerick family picked up a €1m windfall with a ticket bought on that very date back in 2014.

The family won after investing only €4 in a Quick Pick ticket, bought at Ryan’s Raheen Foodstores. The family ended up sharing the 2 million jackpot with a couple from Wexford.

The family opted for anonymity but told officials that they couldn’t believe their luck: “Friday 13th is unlucky for some but for us it turned out to be the complete opposite. It’s unreal! From now on, thirteen will be one of our lucky numbers.”

The family can now look forward to a cool summer with a million in their bank account. Limerick is a lucky county indeed, as a total running into hundreds of millions has been won there. Luck has no respect for boundaries though, and if you fancy placing a bet on the Irish Lotto from the UK you stand just as good a chance.

You can play on the next draw in the Irish Lotto – just don’t forget to pick your lucky numbers in time.


Syndicate Bets: a Winning Option

Playing in a syndicate is a good idea if you want to increase your chances of winning. By pooling your money together friends or, in this case, family, you can afford to hedge your bets.

Remember that a jackpot win is often large enough to secure your future – even if divided amongst other players in your syndicate.

Just to remember to draw up some guidelines before playing with your syndicate. Will you split your win equally? How many numbers will you play each week?

You can set up a subscription with us. That way you can avoid forgetting to play your syndicate’s numbers.

You can read more on how to play in a syndicate in our section on frequently asked questions.

If you want to learn more about prize tiers you can go to our statistics page. It can be a good idea to check them out and compare them to your future syndicate stake. Is it worth putting in a few extra coins to increase your winning chances?


We wish you the best of luck in the upcoming draw. You will be receiving an email to let you know how you got on when you place a bet with Lottoland online!